“Vesa’s art is amongst the most integrally advanced in the history of Western abstraction – no small claim, but one backed up by the works themselves. Rather than abstraction as a fleeing from life, his works are a diving into the incarnate mystery of human being — direct celebrations of the fullness of Life.” – Michael Schwartz, Professor of History and Philosophy of Art, Augusta State University, March 2014 – See the Integral Institute curated exhibition here.

“Kivinen’s work had no points of reference. Unlike most local artists, Kivinen wasn’t recycling successful foreign approaches and adapting them within a local context. He wasn’t replicating a preexisting genre or playing out well known devices. Whether for better or for worse, Kivinen is – as childish as this may sound – an original.” – A critique by Rory Winston in the City Magazine, August 2014

“These are beautiful images and nobody would dispute it” Jeremy Paxman, Journalist, BBC World, 2013

“I would describe Kivinen’s art as first and fore mostly a study of human experience and connection. It is a collaboration of topics; a personal process of working with the experiences of the model, and an appreciation for the raw human form. Who we are when we stand naked. On another level it is a yearning to understand our religious past and find harmony with it in our present. In sum, it searches and appreciates where we have arrived in our development both spiritually and scientifically.” – Alicia Jensen in Helsinki Times, December 2014

Vesa’s work often revolves around themes such as transcendence, cross cultural communication, racial interconnectedness, the spiritually similar core of various faiths, collaboration of the sexes, economic thriving and recent scientific breakthroughs.

As I trust that the works soon speak for themselves, here are a few words about collecting art first.

Is this respectable and/or original? Is my investment going to lose money if I want to sell it later?  Can I afford them? What does it say about me, if I have this on my wall?  What if tomorrow the piece you liked, costs twice or triple as much as it did today?

These are valid questions to many. In collecting art the buyer puts themselves on the line much in a similar way as the artist does.

The biggest risks however, is not feeling like your personal taste matters. Living in an un-inspirational environment. To not be reminded every single day, how everything is possible. How much would that cost?

All of this and some others, are lined up in a solved Rubric’s cube mystery, that is Artevo.

Artevo is a mixed media form of art by Vesa Kivinen, whose concept seeks to add significance / value to those who feel it, on all levels.

Navigating the links Artevo, Share and Raw will give you the full range of visual works by Vesa. Via the contact page we will send you the prices of the individual works you might be interested in.

Vesa (born 1978) started his internationally succesful career as a filmmaker and a photographer in 1999. He got educated as a director in the UK and has been working with both disciplines non-stop since through his own company. In 2008, Kivinen developed a form of mixed media art called Artevo (Art Evolving) which involves body-painting, traditional painting, photography and image manipulation. His recent 2013 collaboration with the Bollywood actress Veena Malik, got cross cultural attention including The Independent, BBC World, Times of India, Pakistan Tribune, Helsingin Sanomat etc. At least 300 million people were exposed to the works.

His latest LUX project was recently presented in Russian in Eros & Kosmos by Eugene Pustoshkin, which can be read in English from his blog.

Share and Raw are concepts developed to house works that do not fit with the main theme.

Next up in July Vesa will join as one of the judges for the World Bodypainting Festival in Austria as well as show the prototype film “Day Break” on the main stage on Sunday the 5th. Midway July Vesa will travel to California to participate in the joint exhibition of the prestigious Integral Institute Art Exhibition curated by Mr. Michael Schwartz.

For a free and inspirational consultation please get in touch via the contact page.

Other quotes:

‘‘Witness history as though it were being lived today; and imagine the present through the eyes of tomorrow. The works are a dialogue between three dimensional physiology and gesture coupled with the aesthetics of two dimensional painting that coalesce into a singular object of art”  – Rory Winston, Cultural Editor for the NY Resident on Artevo

“What occurs is a reinvention of cultural norms as we understand them” – Journalist Aisha Farooq on Artevo / Veena Malik Project on DesiBlitz 8/2013

“Beautiful and haunting” – Dr. Gabor Maté, Author and columnist for Vancouver Sun, Globe and Mail, 2012

“It is like primitive rites that have become flesh and colors.” -Otso Kantokorpi, Art Critic, Kauppalehti – 3/6/2009

“Your works have the sensitivity of Leonardo’s drawings and the dreamscape of Chagall” – Antti Heikkilä, Doctor of Traumatology / Author

”It’s almost a hundred years ago since the economist Lord Keynes said: ‘The day is not far off when the economic problem will take the back seat where it belongs, and the arena of the heart and the head will be occupied or reoccupied, by our real problems — the problems of life and of human relations, of creation and behaviour and religion.’ Those of us, who have personally experienced Vesa’s art, can well believe that the era Keynes was talking about is just around the corner.” – Ernst Grönblom, Helsinki Capital Partners Oy, 10/2014

“Vesa Kivinen got sick of explaining his technique so he just gave it a name.” -Journalist Pauliina Penttilä, Suomen Kuvalehti – 22/2009

“Gorgeous” – Ken Wilber, Philosopher, Integral Theorist, 2014

“When I heard of the idea I thought. Oh my God. This really is a new experience. Usually in a film I play a character but this is just me” – Actress Veena Malik in Helsingin Sanomat – 8/9/2012

“Vesa is a unique artist with a high-frequency spiritual touch that is visible in all his creations, whether it’s paintings or videos, etc. There are so many layers and dimensions in his work. His art is absolutely amazing and intelligent in a divine way.” – Anni Sennov – Spiritual Author, September 2014

“Besides the great contemporary visionaries, Vesa is one of the few living artists who manages to sneak in through my visual faculties to stroke the soul I don’t even really believe I have. I was instantly smitten the first time I saw his work.” – Dr. Toma Susi, Physicist, Vienna 2014

“Vesa’s work is deeply inspiring. For many the naked body is taboo, although depicted for thousands of years, but when made into art like this, who can say anything but truly amazing” Anders Piper, NLP Master Trainer 27/09-2014

“Words like primitive, strong and pure spring to mind. the stories of the models have been a part of the creative process. storytelling is present giving you a sense of the artist’s background, yet the viewer seems free to interpret the image as they like and find new ways to look at them.” Aryan Kaganof, Filmmaker & Poet, South Africa, 2009

“In Kivinen’s works Veenas body is only covered by body-paint, which is daring, as in her home country she is always veiled from head to toe” Journalist Pasi Kostiainen in Ilta-Sanomat – 11.9.2012

“Oh, Mr.Kivinen’s work…? – it’s simply too daring, you know”. – Leena Ahtola-Moorehouse, Head Curator at Ateneum Museum, Helsinki 2014

“Vesa’s art requires a camera, a computer, brushes, lots of body-paint, a model and a cinematic way of telling stories to be born” – Journalist Mikko Keski-Vähälä. Kamppi-Eira 16/10