The six body-painting based art pieces below were released at a London exhibition on the 16th of August 2013. According to a cautious estimate by a Pakistani journalist Arshad Farooq, this project has been seen at least by around 300 million people world wide. This, most likely, makes them the most seen visual works by a Finnish artist. Veena Malik is a Bollywood actress, who has been a super star since the age of 15.

Main piece: Flower of Life

Additional 5

“What occurs is a reinvention of cultural norms as we understand them” – Aisha Farooq on Artevo / Veena Malik Project on DesiBlitz 8/2013

Some of the media / press coverage


The multi-talented and famous Bollywood actress Miss Veena Malik took a week to fly to Finland to collaborate with Vesa in September 2012. The whole thing was inspired by a video, where Veena had to defend herself as a woman and an artist. The works are currently on display for the first time at Helsinki Capital Partners.

The project philosophy is based on studying the similarities between cultural phenomena. The works were influenced by the work of Ken Wilber and Alan Watts and Joseph Campbell to mention a few.

Here is the latest article & video about the new works and the pricing system, with which the works are sold, in the finnish Taloussanomat (Economic Newspaper) 15.10.2013

During her stay in Finland, as well as doing the actual works we met with politicians, other artists, journalists as well as managed to escape to the countryside for some inspiration.

Links to September 2012 and August 2013 Helsingin Sanomat articles

Features in Times of India, The Independent, DesiBlitz, Pakistan Tribune,

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